It was a jaw-dropping moment, straight out of Goldilocks and The Three Bears!

But it wasn’t bears who had entered my property. Due to “Instant Book” on a rent — your — home website, some intoxicated individuals had rented my upstairs loft room — INSTANTLY! But…

I, Too, Was Censored on Quora

  • by- Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.

In 2018, I devoted a lot of my life to Quora Digest. I wrote literally thousands of informative articles. Most of these essays took me, on average, five hours of my daily time to compose. …

What’s something that needs to be said?

I must finally tell you how I produced a Broadyway-style theatrical production in 2003 with $96,000.00 and a cast of 186 volunteers. Here’s the unusual story of how I produced a spectacular show for my hometown called Remember Idora!

Idora Park was a…

Will the murder of George Floyd assist Steven Avery?

Let’s start off by defining “Who is Steven Avery?”

Steven Avery was a junkyard owner in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. In 1985, he was convicted of raping a city council woman. In 2003, DNA finally proved that he was 100% innocent of…

As a vegetarian, I’m Definitely NOT interested in the Impossible Burger

As a vegetarian, are you interested in eating the Impossible Burger?

No, I am not. It is disgusting. Recently, I was on a business trip in downtown Orlando when I happen chanced upon a burger joint on the corner…

One morning, a man was driving to work when he saw something unusual: An old woman was running along the street. The man called the police on his cell phone. “I saw a very old woman on Torggate Street,” he said. “She was running. Maybe she escaped from a nursing…

Joe came home from work and opened his mailbox. In his mailbox, he found a yellow bottle of soap — soap for washing dishes.

The dish soap was a free sample from a soap company. The company had mailed free bottles of soap to millions of people.

It was a…

What’s the dumbest lie ever told?

True story!

Joe Vitelli was excited. He liked to watch baseball and his favorite team was going to play Saturday night. It was a championship game — the biggest game of the year.

He was thinking about the game. “Maybe I’ll invite some friends…

I once heard about a famous bill collector who specializes in collecting from deadbeat medical doctors!

Would you be shocked to know that medical doctors are famous for not paying their bills?

So, his strategy is simple. He takes an old coat and impregnates it with every type of foul…

If a man is going his own way quietly (without hating women or posting on forums) why should women have a problem with him?

“If a man is going his own way quietly (without hating women or posting on forums) why should women have a problem with him?”

I have…

Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.

Produced Playwright, author of "Remember Idora" Licensed Private Investigator; performer live entertainment, Horst Gasthaus, accordion music

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